Saturday, March 24, 2012

the joys of a productive geriatric hobby

Somehow my geriatric tendencies have produced a full size blanket in exactly a month (to the day). Whether this productivity is a testament to the winding down of my normally crazy school-work schedule or my unrelenting drive to finish projects I begin, I managed to bang out my first large knitting project. Now what do I do?! I have already started looking into what to do with the yarn I have left over... gloves? Nah, not the right season. Socks? Am I really going to knit adult sized socks? Nah. A coffee cup protector/decorative device? Maybe? I guess we will see! I figured I would share photo documentation of the progress of my project... the most basic stitch... much room left for the discovery and production of more complex projects (to come!).


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