Sunday, February 26, 2012

cue the craft craze

So, I've started knitting again, which my friends naturally harp on as being geriatric of me, but hey... so be it. I had serious (or not so serious) apprehension about what kind of project to embark upon. Drum roll please... I'm making a throw blanket! Check back in about 3 years and I may be done by then. Regardless, I will finish it, so I am pretty pumped about it. I have had such creative energy lately, which has not really been conducive to studying - what a drag. Pinterest is the most wonderful, yet simultaneously awful thing that has ever happened to my work ethic. I am very excited to have the time, without consistently pending schoolwork looming over my head, to create things!

Typical for me, I found myself turning an exciting, fun activity into an anxiety-provoking, decision making disaster. Okay, not disaster, but conundrum. Now, prepare yourself for the magnitude and essentially life changing significance of this decision; tweed or stripes. I know. It threw me for a loop too. Clearly, it got way out of hand and I found myself feeling stressed about what would make a better throw blanket. I found myself dramatically and irrationally texting essential consults on this most important decision. Tweed? Stripes? What will I do?! I laugh about my ridiculousness now, but how did this become a decision of such weight? Something to consider, to ponder, and some day to resolve? At risk of sounding lazy and irresponsible, I am not going to delve further into that episode, but more let this one go and just take pleasure in laughing at my ridiculous, and sometimes mildly concerning neuroticism. Ha. Ha. Ha.

Anyway, I am excited to report that my knitting fingers have produced a whopping six inches of STRIPED (yes I did decide) blanket... only 54 inches left to go! Very exciting :). Now that I have allowed this anticipated craft craze to delay conceptualizing renal and hepatic failure (how uplifting), I should probably get back to it. More crazed craft ideas to come... most likely accompanied by some monumental decision-making dilemmas ;). Happy Sunday to you!

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